Using Belbin with Individuals within Your Organisation

Everything starts with the individual

All teams start with the individuals


Before you can start to analyse how your teams are working together, you need to look at each individual's contribution.  So, the first thing you will need to so is to generate a Belbin Individual Report for each person making up the team.  Once you have these, it is quick and easy to generate the Belbin Team Report, with no additional input required from your team members.

A Belbin Individual Report will:

  • Quickly identify an individual’s key strengths and weaknesses;

  • Show how their self-perceptions differ from how they are perceived by their colleagues;

  • Contain personalised guidance for the individual about how to manage their behaviour at work and how to make the most of their Team Role contributions;

  • Provide insights for line managers into preferred ways of working, and the environment in which an individual will thrive;


  • Suggest working styles that may be suitable for that individual.

Self-aware individuals make for a more harmonious workplace for everyone.  Awareness of an individual's strengths and weaknesses allows line managers to adopt different strategies when managing different people.

On each page of the Report guidance is given about how to use and interpret the information given so that both the individual and their manager can get the most out of it.

Why do some people seem to struggle more than others?

If you have an individual within your organisation who is struggling, then a Belbin Individual Report will quickly identify where their areas of strength and weakness lie.  You and they will still get value from the Report, regardless of whether or not you are planning to use Belbin with the rest of the team.

Download a Sample Report

Sample of an Individual Report containing both the Self Perception and the Observer feedback to give the full 360 perspective


The Reports are quick and easy to generate

The whole process takes place online and is quick and easy to use.  The individual completes a short questionnaire that takes around 20 minutes.  Once they have done this, a Belbin Report is generated immediately based on their own self-perceptions. Then up to 6 of their colleagues can input into the Report.  This is done via the Observer Assessment, which takes no more than 5 minutes.  Once at least 4 of their observers have fed back, a full Belbin Report is then generated that includes their Observer feedback too.


Belbin is affordable

Prices start at £42 incl. VAT for a one-off Individual Report, with discounts available when you buy larger volumes.

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