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360 Degree Feedback Experts

We don’t charge for consultancy, administration, design, development, survey building, set up fees etc. You simply pay depending on which implementation option you choose..

Lumus360 'fully managed' feedback service


Lumus360's preferred approach is to provide a ‘fully managed service,’ where they provide complete ‘end to end’ support.

This ‘hands off’ 360 feedback service is perfect for small to large organisations and consultants, who want to handover any implementation administration to a dedicated resource.

In this service, Lumus360 take all the hassle out of administering the feedback collection and report production process. Our excellent client services team manage the whole feedback process to ensure everything runs smoothly. The key benefits being:

  • Any user support or help desk functions are handled quickly and professionally (in and outside of normal working hours)

  • No additional burden placed on in-house staff

  • Removes the perception that confidential information could be accessed by internal staff

  • No in-house administrator training

  • Hassle free!

  • Even though Lumus360 run the complete process on your behalf, you’ll still have direct access to a dedicated Project Manager and an overview of progress at all times.


In this package, Lumus360 don’t charge for building your bespoke 360 feedback tool, you simply pay for each report that is produced, based on a per annum pricing scale as follows:

  • Standard 360 Feedback Report

    • The first 25 reports - £90 each + VAT

    • The second 25 reports - £75 each + VAT

    • After 50 reports the price reduces to - £60 each + VAT

    • After 75 report the price reduces to - £50 each +VAC

  • Comparative Reports – An addition to our standard report that compares the results of an old 360 survey with a new one - additional £20 + VAT per report

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – Collating feedback from a group of participants into a high level executive summary, ideal for identifying collective themes and development opportunities - £200 + VAT per report

Multi Language 360 Feedback

Lumus360's fully managed, multi-language 360 service is specifically designed for multinational organisations who:

  • Want a bespoke 360 survey tool built around their questionnaire, user journey and organisational context

  • Have some (or all) users who would prefer to complete their 360 activity in their native tongue

  • Want a ‘hands off’ implementation service

The Lumus360 multi language survey tool pricing structure is very simple. They don’t charge for consultancy, questionnaire development, design, initial system building etc. – You only pay for:

  • The building of any multilingual pages – This is a ‘one off’ fee, for each additional language and covers the cost of developing all aspects of the multilingual journey (emails, online screens, feedback reports etc) - £150 plus VAT. Clients normally provide the translated text, if this is not possible, Lumus360 can use a local translation service who they know produce high quality work

  • Feedback reports - £110 plus VAT

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