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Business Meeting

Open Enrolment Short Courses

Improve soft transferable business skills - helping your staff do their job more efficiently.

90 minute session in the following skill sets:

° Communication Skills      

° Customer Service & Sales      

° Business Skills  

° Personal Development    

° Management & Leadership


We have more than 170+ bite size sessions available, each with Overview, Goals & Objectives. We can build a course to address a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) - it could not be easier, let us know if you would like to know more.

All sessions are CPD Accredited & attract CPD points.

90 minute bitesize on-line sessions using Tutor-Led Virtual Training


Face-to-Face Customer Services

Face-to-Face Service Skills - 1
Create effective first impressions:


  • First Impressions

  • Welcoming your customers - the 6 essentials

  • Positive communication and body language

  • Connecting with your customers

  • Skills practice

Face-to-Face Service Skills - continued
Recognise, build rapport & relate to customers:

  • Being attentive - ostrich or meerkat?

  • Building rapport quickly with your customers

  • Listening and questioning skills

  • Recognising and responding to customer types

  • Skills practice



Presenting Your Product or Service
Personalise your 'sales pitch' to customers' needs:

  • Using positive language

  • Features tell, benefits sell

  • Using emotive words in your sales pitch

  • Personalising your pitch to the customer

  • Skills practice



Handling the 'Moments of Truth'
Influence critical points of customer contact:

  • What shapes your customer's expectations?

  • The 4 Ps of the customer experience

  • Mapping the customer's journey

  • Defining the critical moments of truth

  • Identifying practical actions

Telephone Service Skills

Telephone Service Skills - 1
Handle phone calls with confidence:

  • The 8 great telephone hates

  • Powerful greetings and closings

  • Handling calls - on hold; transferring; signposting

  • W.A.R.M. - taking control of your calls

  • Skills practice



Telephone Service Skills - continued
Communicate professionally with customers:

  • Your telephone voice personality

  • Voice mirroring

  • Using positive language

  • Handling the different types of caller

  • Skills practice



Opening the Outbound Sales Call
Getting through to key decision makers:

  • Getting past Gatekeepers and voicemail

  • 4 steps to making a positive first impression

  • Do's and Don'ts of opening a sales call

  • The 'hook' - gain attention; get to the next stage

  • Skills practice



Maximising Inbound Sales Calls
Turn inbound enquiries into SALES!:

  • Greeting the caller positively

  • Asking the right questions

  • Giving information that 'sells'

  • Asking for the business

  • Skills practice

First Line Management Programes

Developing Management Style
Your approach to managing others:

  • What's it like being managed by you?

  • Your task-people orientation

  • Identifying your management style

  • Recognising when to use different styles

  • M.B.W.A. - Managing by 'walking around'



Developing Trust with your Team
How trust affects performance...:

  • What trust affects

  • Building trust

  • What erodes trust

  • Your trust worthiness

  • Rebuilding trust



Communication Skills
Communicate effectively with your team:

  • The communication process

  • Identifying common problems

  • Principles for effective communication

  • Key face-to-face communication skills

  • Skills practice



Team Briefing
Develop and deliver effective briefing sessions:

  • The need for effective team briefing

  • The 4 Ps - team brief content

  • Structure of the briefing session

  • Encouraging feedback and involvement

  • Practice applying the skills

ILM Approved Centre

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