Belbin Interplace - for 200+ Reports

Having your own Interplace account gives you the ability to create your own Belbin Team Role Reports, as and when you need them.


You decide whether to add Observer Assessments, to whom the reports should be e-mailed, who should be in each Team Report, whether to compare individuals to a Job Profile....the list is (almost) endless. The key factor is that you only pay for the Belbin Individual Reports. All the other Reports are included free of charge.


The Interplace account also provides you with a wide range of background information so that, as a facilitator, you feel confident to use the Belbin Reports. With eight other Reports available to you, as well as free resources, the Interplace account is your one-stop shop for Belbin reporting.


What's Included with Interplace?


200 Belbin Individual Reports

Many other types of Report, all included free of charge (unlimited usage)

  • 7-page Belbin Team Reports <15 people
  • 5-page Belbin Team Reports >15 people
  • 1-page Belbin Working Relationship Reports (with variants depending on the reporting structure)
  • 3-page Belbin Job Reports
  • 2-page Belbin Job Suitability Report

3 presentations that can be used with or without Dr Meredith Belbin's voiceover

12 handouts to print and use as needed

Access to sample reports

Access to nine 10 minute video clips explaining each of the nine Team Roles (great for 1:1 coaching)

Ability to add your company logo to the reports


How much does Interplace cost?

Interplace costs just £3995 + VAT (£20 per Individual Belbin Report)


Once all 200 units have been used, additional ones can be purchased at a reduced rate.


There is no annual fee, or other hidden costs. It is for you to use as and when you need it. To ensure you get the most out of your investment we offer a free training session, which can be held over the phone, or at your offices (depending on location).


The Interplace account is an online product. Regular updates are made available.


If you manage a team of people, or are looking to form a new team, a Belbin Team Report will quickly assess how that group of individuals will work together as a team, detailing who will take on which role within the team, and where there may be gaps or overlaps in contributions.

All organizations want high performing teams, but how can you ensure that yours will be?

Whether you're forming a new team, introducing new people to an existing team, or trying to resolve issues within a team, a Belbin Team Report can help you to manage it. The starting point is with the individuals making up the team. Once you have Individual Reports for each team member, you can bring that information together to make a Belbin Team Report.


What makes one team perform better than another?

Belbin's original research showed that the most successful teams were not necessarily the ones with the smartest people in them, but those with the right blend of Team Roles (or behavioural contributions). There are nine different Team Role behaviours that must be present within the team in order for it to be as efficient and successful as it can be. Imagine if a team was full of creative ideas people, but had no-one to actually deliver the project! This doesn't mean that you need nine people in each of your teams, since each person can take on more than one Team Role.


How can Belbin help my teams perform better?

A Belbin Team Report will look at each of the individuals making up the team, and the contribution (or role) that they are most likely to play within the team. The Report will quickly identify where there are gaps, and where there are overlaps. Both of these situations could lead to conflicts within the team, and will mean that the team is not performing optimally. Information contained within the Report will help you to quickly identify who is the right person to perform each role or task within the team.

Belbin Interplace - for 200+ Reports


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