Lumus360 'Fully Managed' Feedback Reports (for 1-25 reports)

Developed by 360 feedback coaches and continually improved from the feedback of 1000’s, Lumus360's reports are clear, concise, understandable and easy to interpret.


Lumus360 offer 3 core reports, all of which can be:


  • Branded to meet your needs
  • Tailored/ customised to incorporate additional data presentations or the removal of sections that are not needed
  • Updated with guidance notes and action planning templates
  • Downloaded instantly by the person of your choice


Individual 360 feedback report

These high quality reports use very best reporting practice, providing clear developmental insight in a format that requires no explanation.


Comparative Report

The Lumus360 comparative report is a ‘bolt on’ to our individual feedback reports that combines and summarises the results of a participants’ old and current 360 reports, enabling meaningful behavioural change to be seen and monitored.


Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Report

These reports combine the 360 degree feedback data from a group of participants into one consolidated report, designed to provide senior HR practitioners, executive teams and development professionals with high level insight into management development themes, culture and performance trends. Discover more about our TNA reports format, content and how it can be used to identify group wide development needs or download a sample Training Needs Analysis report.


Getting 360 feedback reporting right

Lumus360's guiding principles for 360 feedback reporting is to ensure all of our standard or bespoke reports:


  • Have a balanced range of data presentation to allow for different cognitive styles; using graphics, numerical data, and text
  • Have a professional appearance, with good use of space, colour and font
  • Provide enough feedback to allow the recipient to draw useful conclusions without tipping into information overload
  • Use well-researched graphic displays avoiding visual biases in order to reveal key patterns in behaviours
  • Provide verbatim comment input to enable insights into the impact of specific behaviours
  • Have a structured approach which provides more detailed information at each level, allowing for greater insight at each step


Lumus360 'Fully Managed' Feedback Service

This ‘hands off’ 360 feedback service is perfect for small to large organisations and consultants, who want to handover any implementation administration to a dedicated resource.


In this service, Lumus360 take all the hassle out of administering the feedback collection and report production process. Their excellent client services team ensure manage the whole feedback process to ensure everything runs smoothly. The key benefits being:


  • Any user support or help desk functions are handled quickly and professionally (in and outside of normal working hours)
  • No additional burden placed on in-house staff
  • Removes the perception that confidential information could be accessed by internal staff
  • No in-house administrator training
  • Hassle free!
  • Even though we run the complete process on your behalf, you’ll still have direct access to a dedicated Project Manager and an overview of progress at all times.

Lumus360 'Fully Managed' Feedback Reports (for 1-25 reports)

  • With nearly 1000, 360 feedback system builds, 18 years’ experience and a client base and track record second to none, Lumus360 we believe are the UK’s leading provider of 'everything 360 feedback' .


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