Nimble Course - Anaphylaxis Awareness (Duration 45 minu

Developed by healthcare training specialists Espirita Learning, this Anaphylaxis Awareness course is aimed at registered professionals and is designed to help learners understand more about what anaphylaxis is, what the symptoms of allergies and anaphylaxis are, and what can be done to help a person with anaphylaxis manage their condition. This course covers the common symptoms to look out for amongst the people you work with, care and cater for.


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Nimble Course - Anaphylaxis Awareness (Duration 45 minu

  • Objectives


    After completing the course, learners will be able to:


    • Explain the mechanism of anaphylaxis
      • Recognise the signs and symptoms and common causes of the condition
      • Identify IgE and non IgE mediated responses
      • Describe initial treatment of anaphylaxis
      • Recall the ABCDE assessment
      • Know how and when to administer IM adrenaline including the use of auto-injectors
      • Understand the reasons for cardiovascular support, secondary care, medication and follow-up




    Topics explored in this course, Anaphylaxis Awareness:


    • Recognising anaphylaxis
    • Pathophysiology
    • Mast cells
    • IgE medicated response
    • Common triggers
    • Sign and symptoms
    • Differential diagnosis
    • Auto-injectors
    • Secondary care
    • Referral and follow-up
    • Venom immunotherapy
    • MHRA yellow card scheme


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