Nimble Course - COSHH Awareness (Duration 1 hour)

Across every industry, workers can find themselves at risk from the very products that earn them their salaries; whether that is a baker at risk of asthma from bread flour, bar staff exposed to toxic chemicals in beer line cleaning solutions or the serious consequences of asbestos exposure in the building or manufacturing industry. This COSHH Awareness course, developed by experienced training specialists Creative Learning Solutions, covers hazardous substances that you may come across in the workplace and discusses how to handle these safely to protect yourself and others.



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Nimble Course - COSHH Awareness (Duration 1 hour)

  • Objectives


    After completing the course, learners will be able to:


    • State the meaning of the acronym COSHH
    • Give examples of some common hazardous substances
    • Explain the meaning of a variety of warning labels
    • State what information would be found in a data sheet




    Topics explored in this course, COSHH Awareness:


    • The meaning of COSHH
    • Examples of hazardous substances in the workplace
    • Warning labels and their meaning
    • How substances enter the body
    • Use of data sheets
    • REACH regulations

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