Nimble Course - Counter Fraud (Duration 45 minutes)

Fraud claims hundreds of thousands of victims every year, and with technology facilitating ever-more sophisticated online attacks and deception scams, these numbers are set to keep rising.The impact of fraudulent activity on individuals and companies can be far-reaching; inevitable financial losses are commonly accompanied by psychological and emotional trauma for the victims. In an age of evolving techology, it is vital to remain vigilant and set up counter measures to help combat fraud at a personal and organisational level.


This Counter Fraud online course has been developed by training specialists Espirita Learning and examines the different types of fraud active today as well as the role and responsibilities of the individual when suspecting fraud. It looks at the threat and impact upon organisations and what the employees response should be when fraudulent activity is uncovered.


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Nimble Course - Counter Fraud (Duration 45 minutes)

  • Objectives


    After completing this course learners will be able to:


    • Understand the Fraud Act 2006
    • Explain the fraud triangle
    • Identify the different types of emerging risks
    • Recall and employ their responsibilities
    • Describe the importance of countering fraud
    • Recognise the different types of fraud and ‘red flags’
    • Understand the dangers of money laundering




    Topics explored in this course, Counter Fraud:


    • Fraud Act 2006
    • The Importance of counter fraud
    • Different types of fraud
    • The fraud triangle
    • Being wrong
    • Red Flags
    • Money laundering
    • Reporting
    • Organisational policies
    • Emerging risks
    • The Importance of training
    • Responsibilities

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