Nimble Course - Counter Fraud (Healthcare) (Duration 45 minutes)

Fraudulent activity claims hundreds of thousands of victims every year and, sadly, our health service is one of those organisations under daily attack. Fraud within the healthcare sector can be complex and varied, costing the NHS anything from tens of pounds through to millions. Prescription fraud, for example, costs the NHS £217 million each year in falsely claimed prescription charge exemptions.


This Counter Fraud (Healthcare) online course has been developed by healthcare training specialists, Espirita Learning, and examines the different types of fraud active today, as well as the responsibilities of the individual when suspecting fraud. It looks at the role of NHS Protect in countering fraud in the healthcare sector and explores how organisations can safeguard themselves from the financially and psychologically damaging impact of fraudulent behaviour.


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Nimble Course - Counter Fraud (Healthcare) (Duration 45 minutes)

  • Objectives


    After completing this course learners will be able to:


    • Apply the healthcare fraud reporting process
    • Be aware of NHS Protect
    • Explain the fraud triangle
    • Identify the different types of emerging risks
    • Understand and employ your responsibilities
    • Understand the importance of countering fraud
    • Recognise the different types of fraud and ‘red flags’
    • Understand the dangers of money laundering




    Topics explored in this course, Counter Fraud (Healthcare):


    • Fraud Act 2006
    • The importance of counter fraud
    • Different types of fraud
    • NHS Protect
    • The fraud triangle
    • Being wrong
    • Red flags
    • Money laundering
    • Reporting
    • Organisational policies
    • Emerging risks
    • The Importance of training
    • Responsibilities

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