Nimble Course - Food Safety Level 2 (Duration 50 minutes)

Every day thousands of people in the UK suffer from food poisoning. Those most seriously affected are the very young, the elderly or people who are already medically compromised in some way. It is crucial that anyone working in a food handling capacity is adequately trained and adheres to food safety regulations.


This Food Safety Level 2 course, developed by healthcare training specialists Espirita Learning, provides food handlers with the information to control food safety hazards and satisfies their legal obligation to undertake appropriate food safety training. This course is suitable for anyone who handles or prepares food, or is involved in the management of people in a food handling environment.


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Nimble Course - Food Safety Level 2 (Duration 50 minutes)

  • Objectives


    After completing the course, learners will be able to:


    • Explain how to control food hazards
    • Recall what food safety is and why it is so important
    • Identify the causes of food poisoning and its control
    • State the different types of contamination hazards and how to control them
    • Understand their responsibility in relation to personal hygiene
    • Recognise the reasons for the safe design of food premises and equipment
    • Understand the dangers and control of pests and the benefits of safe cleaning and disinfection
    • Understand the need for food safety law and its enforcement




    Topics explored in this course, Food Safety Level 2:


    • Hazards and risks in food safety
    • Best practice
    • Hazards of bacteria
    • Spoilage
    • Causes and prevention of food poisoning
    • Microbiological hazards
    • Vehicles and routes
    • Food handling and personal hygiene
    • Design of food premises
    • Containers and equipment
    • Infestations
    • Safe cleaning
    • Law and enforcement

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