Nimble Course - Food Safety Level 2 (Duration 50 minutes)

Created by multi-industry training experts, Creative Learning Solutions, this interactive e-learning programme is the ideal way to obtain the relevant training and certification required to meet today’s stringent food safety directives.


This Food Safety Level 2 course incorporates five modules covering topics from the fundamental principles of bacterial growth and food contamination, through ‘purchase to service’ and the safe storage, preparation, and delivery of a consumer’s food. Suitable for all those operating within any discipline in the food service industry, including food transportation, this course follows the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Standard and is endorsed by The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology.


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Nimble Course - Food Safety Level 2 (Duration 50 minutes)

  • Objectives


    After completing this course, learners will be able to:


    • Identify food contaminants and control measures
    • Understand about bacterial growth and food poisoning
    • Recognise high standards of personal hygiene, cleaning and pest control
    • Identify allergens, safe labelling and first aid responses
    • Describe the ‘purchase to service’ chain and role of HACCP
    • Follow the principles of safe food preparation and storage
    • Appreciate the role of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and penalties for poor hygiene
    • Understand the impact of good kitchen design




    Topics explored in this course, Food Safety Level 2:


    • Food contamination
    • Bacteria
    • Bacterial growth
    • Food poisoning and the Environmental Health Officer
    • Allergens and allergic reactions
    • First Aid
    • Purchase to service including HACCP
    • Kitchen design
    • Personal hygiene
    • Cleaning
    • Pest control

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