Nimble Course - Nutrition and Hydration (Duration 45 minutes)

Understanding what you eat is vital to your health, well-being and how you look, feel and function. In healthy individuals, being aware of nutrition and hydration is fundamental to staying fit and well. Equally, if a person is unwell, it is vital that their nutrition is managed closely to reflect their needs or specific health conditions in a bid to aid their recovery.

This Nutrition and Hydration online course has been designed by industry training specialists, Espirita Learning, with healthcare workers and food handlers in mind. It covers the principles of good nutrition, the path to malnutrition, safe food handling and explores the challenges presented in those who have medical conditions or difficulties eating and drinking.


Price per user.  Bulk discounts available.

Nimble Course - Nutrition and Hydration (Duration 45 minutes)

  • Objectives


    After completing this course, learners will be able to:


    • Understand the principles of hydration, nutrition and food safety
    • Explain the importance of having access to fluids, food and nutrition in accordance with a care plan
    • Identify the signs and symptoms of poor nutrition and hydration



    Topics explored in this course, Nutrition & Hydration:


    • Importance and understanding of nutrition and hydration
    • Causes of dehydration
    • The ‘Eatwell Plate’
    • Dignity and respect
    • Malnutrition
    • Bad practices
    • Vulnerable people
    • Bacteria
    • Temperature precautions
    • Challenging behaviour
    • Stages of conflict
    • Conflict interpretation
    • Forms of communication
    • Attitude and behavioural cycle
    • Questioning skills
    • Five step appeal
    • Cultural differences
    • Expressions and gestures
    • Patterns of behaviour
    • Warning and danger signs
    • De-escalation
    • Fight or flight
    • Common law
    • Safe distances
    • Lone working
    • Learning lessons

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