Nimble Course - Observations (Duration 1 hour)

As a healthcare professional it is vitally important to be able to detect when a patient’s condition is deteriorating. Early identification of a problem can result in a life saved, which is why medical observations play an essential role in the provision of competent healthcare.


This Observations course, developed by industry training professionals, Espirita Learning, is designed to be completed prior to classroom training and covers the practical elements of monitoring, measuring and recording different types of observations. It addresses the need for determining a baseline of what is considered ‘normal’ for different patients given their individual conditions and requirements. This course carries a CPD accreditation and will contribute 1.5 CPD points to your professional portfolio.


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Nimble Course - Observations (Duration 1 hour)

  • Objectives


    After completing the course, learners will be able to:


    • Understand what observations are and why you carry them out
    • Comprehend the importance of accurate and timely observations
    • Know how to monitor, measure and record different types of observations
    • Respond correctly when results are not ‘normal’ for your patient




    Topics explored in this course, Observations:


    • The importance of observations
    • Responsibilities
    • Monitoring an adult’s pulse
    • Monitoring a child’s pulse
    • Fever
    • Hypothermia
    • Temperature sites
    • Monitoring respiration
    • Oxygen saturations (SP02)
    • Monitoring SP02
    • Blood pressure in children
    • Taking blood pressure
    • Points to remember

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