Nimble Course - Safeguarding Level 2 Bundle (Duration 2 hours 45 mins)

As advances in our technological capabilities charge on, so do the challenges in safeguarding the more vulnerable individuals in modern society; be they children or adults. With social media almost inextricably linked to our every day life, issues of bullying, grooming and radicalisation have become more prevalent and more difficult to prevent than ever before.


This Safeguarding Level 2 Bundle of online courses has been developed by healthcare training experts, Espirita Learning and includes: Child Protection Level 2; Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 2; and Radicalisation Awareness. With a bias towards health and social care professionals, these courses aim to promote identification of at-risk individuals, measures of prevention of abuse and actions to take should abuse be suspected. For more information on individual courses, please follow the links provided in this page.


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Nimble Course - Safeguarding Level 2 Bundle (Duration 2 hours 45 mins)

  • Objectives


    By the end of this course learners will be able to:


    • Identify the signs and symptoms of child abuse and how to safely assess and intervene, under current legislation, in cases where abuse is suspected
    • Understand which adults may be classed as ‘at-risk’, spot the signs of different types of abuse and know the actions to take to intervene and legally safeguard vulnerable adults
    • Refer to legislation for prevention of radicalisation and terrorism and learn to spot the warning signs and gain support for someone suspected of being groomed by a radicalising influence




    Topics explored in this suite, Safeguarding Level 2 Bundle:


    Please follow the links below for a full list of topics covered by each course featured in this bundle.


    • Child Protection Level 2
    • Safeguarding Adults Level 2
    • Radicalisation Awareness

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