Based in Scotland in the UK RSVP Design have built a global business as the specialists in experiential learning design.  They design, build and supply activities, tools and games that support business simulations.  Learning by Doing is such a powerful and productive training experience.


Learning and development events, all over the world, are supported by RSVP's tried and tested experiential activities. The tools can be used again and again to enhance learning - a training investment that is value for money.

For the moment (until we get RSVP Design's great products uploaded into our shop), please contact us to to discuss or purchase their products.

RSVP Design's Product Range includes:

RSVP Design
Personal Development Tools

Tools for developing personal, interpersonal and learning skills

RSVP Design


Tools for developing specific and isolated aspects of leadership

RSVP Design


Tools for team-building, team development and teamworking skills

RSVP Design

Tools and publications created for trainers, coaches & facilitators

RSVP Design
Management Tools

Tools for developing personal, interpersonal and learning skills

What are the benefits of RSVP Design?

RSVP Design's approach to training tools:


  • After working with clients throughout the world, RSVP Design have recognised that certain development needs often emerge whenever people work together in groups, trying to achieve a target. They always draw upon this experience when designing new training tools.

  • Realising that every organisation is different, often with varied and  unique needs, care is taken to take this into consideration when designing training tools that are both adaptable and versatile.

RSVP Design's approach to learning design:


  • Their approach to learning design is always customer-led. RSVP Design are proud of their expertise in the field of learning but acknowledge that their clients know their own organisations better than them. This allows them to practice true partnership working, rather than just preaching its benefits.

  • RSVP Design do not adhere to any particular model or source of learning content, but will consider any method or approach that, in their professional opinion, will deliver the learning objectives that underpin their contract with a client. At the heart of their work you will always find experiential learning approaches, because they believe that these approaches massively increase the potential for people to learn.


I have used Colourblind with a couple of teams at works and have had great results, thank you. The manual I downloaded was very informative and I have shared it with the rest of my team. I've been really impressed with the free downloads, newsletters, and value for money and customer service from your and your company so hope to be able to purchase further equipment in future.

Rachael Barker, Learning & Development Team Leader, Lifeplus Europe Ltd.