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Transferable Skills Training

Invest in your workforce with transferable skills training facilitated by Future Learning UK.

Wikipedia tells us that a 'transferable skill' is the ability or expertise which may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. So development money spent on improving these 'portable skills' is a fail-safe investment, for both the company and the individual, as long as that training is both Certificated and Economical & Effective.

Our Approach


Whilst we are still able to deliver all our training modules in F2F classroom format, during the past two years our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) has become increasingly popular during the pandemic and the consequent restructuring which has taken place. Creativedge Training is the UK’s leading 90 minute bite size training provider, who excel in crafting virtual learning solutions, bespoke training courses, and development programmes to meet your needs. 


It's a fact that a 90 minute, intensive, focused course takes full advantage of our optimum period of concentration, allowing information to be not only rapidly absorbed, but more importantly, for it to stick.  Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) has many benefits outlined below in our article 'Making Professional Learning Stick' - the other huge benefit is the ROI. Over the years we have modified our training techniques to support an optimum number of 20 learners for guaranteed learning opportunity and the best ROI benefit. 


We can also offer potential customers with 6 or more delegates to train, the option of joining a Consortium Programme, where they will join people from other companies to reach that optimum number of 20 - which ensures maximum benefit to all.

Just take a look at this intel!

Potential customers with 6 or more delegates to train also have the option of joining a Consortium Programme, where they will join people from other companies to reach that optimum number of 20 - which ensures maximum benefit to all.

Who is it for?


Ideally for any individual or team who needs to improve their soft skills, to do their job more efficiently. We have a library of more than 170 x 90 minute training courses which can be delivered to your team, at their desks, using our state of the art Abobe Connect Virtual Classroom platform. For convenient access they have been divided into 5 groups:-


Management & Leadership Training

Personal Development Training

Communication Skills

Customer Service & Sales Training

Business Skills Training


All sessions are CPD Accredited & attract CPD points.

Senior HR Advisor, Weatherbys

The bitesize sessions have been extremely effective as staff can go away with relevant, practical tips without taking too much time out of their day.

Our staff really appreciate practical training as opposed to heavy, theory-based training.

Organisational Development Manager, Radian

Creativedge played a major role in helping us to build our Learning & Development academy, which now contains over 70 of their courses. This has been instrumental in helping us to achieve Investors In People (IIP) status

Learning Programmes & Coaching Services Manager, Open University

Working with the Creativedge team has been grat, being able to have a conversation with them about what we wanted to do and our context, our Client Services Manager asked great questions demonstrating that they understood some of our internal challenges.

Virtual Train the Trainer Programmes


Learn how to create and deliver collaborative, interactive and engaging virtual classroom training within your organisation using a platform of your choice. As a company you can then say goodbye to the cost of travel, accommodation and expenses, which would typically add a further 25-30% to all training budgets. 


An extra string to your trainer's bow, delighted to give you a quote without obligation.



Make the most of what you own...

Over time your business will have generated a huge amount of training collateral designed for F2F delivery, which maybe still relevant, but not suitable for virtual delivery. We can convert that existing material to make it suitable for Virtual Delivery.

Contact Us


If you are looking to improve your soft skills, or if you are needing to develop your team's capabilities, contact us today to learn more about how we can be your partner in that change.

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