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Quick. Clear. Relevant. Engaging.


The WATCH & GO® series offers a different approach to several key management skills. All are researched, written and produced by the same team therefore learning messages and ethos are consistent.

All DVDs can be used to achieve different training objectives:-

  • as part of a blended learning training event

  • included in a personal learning workbook

  • used to highlight an area of individual improvement

Ideal for use as part of a blended learning event, each DVD will support several different sessions during the course of the day and can be used in its entirety to summarise the day's learning.

Positive illustrations of essential management skills and behaviour

Why Use Watch & Go®?

Drama based DVDs are a must for your training library - they are quick, simple, relevant and engaging. Here is just a flavour of the topics covered in the series:

  • Tricky Conversations

  • Managing Change

  • New Manager

  • Team Working

The range of DVDs/videos in the Management Skills DVD resource pack collection are complete with ready-made workshop sessions, hand-outs and presentation slides. You can check out the content of each of them by clicking on the 9 DVDs/videos below.