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Tailored Professional Development

For Leaders and Senior Executives

Sally Klewin BA, Professional Certificate in Coaching
University of
Reading, EMCC accredited, MCIPD, BPS level A&B
Head of Executive Coaching

Some examples of past coaching assignments:

  • Senior executives from ADCO, ZADCO, GASCO, Dubai Petroleum and Dubai and Federal UAE Governments as part of the UAE Ashridge Leadership Programme. The main focus was to improve confidence and competence in leadership skills and styles appropriate to the culture and demands of these government and government controlled organisations.

  • More than 60 Fast Track Leaders over a 3 year period on the Ashridge Civil Service Future Leader's Programme.

  • A senior executive from Petrocom (Ghana) responsible for regulating oil and gas in Ghana and all government policies relevant to the industry and the environment offshore as part of the Ashridge Transformational Leader Programme, over a 6 month period. The main focus was to enable him to set up the necessary structures and networks to co-ordinate this process, which is still in its infancy.

  • Further UK based clients include Glaxo, Volvo, BAA, Sainsburys, Capitol Radio and BP.


Sally focuses entirely on executive coaching, she is passionately committed to enabling individuals to determine their own strategies for personal and organisational success and change management. Her coaching clients are mostly senior executives up to and including CEO level, in the public, private and non-profit sectors here in Europe and the Middle East.


Specific experience of coaching:

Sally’s approach is person centred and problem-solving in orientation, but includes a full range of coaching styles and techniques appropriate to individual's needs. She regularly uses a range of personality and 360 degree instruments in her coaching practice to enhance coachee's self-awareness.


Sally’s key skill areas are:

  • executive coaching

  • leadership coaching

  • team coaching and facilitation



Sally has a BA in French Studies from the University of Warwick, a Certificate in Coaching – a module of the Reading University’s MSc programme- from Henley Business School, is an Ashridge Hult EMCC Accredited Coach and is BPS Level A and B trained, qualified and registered to use a number of psychometric and personality instruments.

My approach to coaching:

“I am a firm believer in establishing an initial foundation of trust with my coaching clients and developing from this point, a strong working relationship in which I act as catalyst - challenging and encouraging the client to take charge of their own development in terms of both confidence and competence.”


Experience in working with MBA students


Whilst still acting in a tutor role, Sally taught for an academic year on the University of Readings' Executive MBA programme and was also involved in delivering HR sessions on the Ashridge MBA programmes.

At Ashridge she was the prime mover in creating the Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) at Ashridge in the 1990's, which followed on from a year's project into Outdoor Management Development. The OLE was established as a very important additional learning experience in their MBA offering.

Since focusing entirely on coaching in recent years, she has worked as a coach with numerous individuals attending the full range of Ashridge MBA and leadership programmes.

Some comments from Sally's clients:

"Sally was very helpful in terms of providing space for personal reflection, in a warm but very professional manner. I found her style conducive to self-exploration."


"Sally strikes just the right balance between support and challenge, she is very skilled in assisting managers to 'take stock' of who they are, clarify what they want and identify the motivation and means to meaningful progress."

"Sally helped me understand my personality and see clearly what I can and like to do, and she gave me the courage to go for what I really wanted."

"I particularly benefited from her advice around Appreciative Inquiry, a technique which was completely new to me when we met. Since then I have used it to great effect in tackling complex issues around team selection and involvement."

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