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Tailored Professional Development

For Leaders and Senior Executives

Coaching for Individual Executives

The individuals in any organisation form its most important asset. If you offer them coaching you send them a clear message that they are both valued and supported.” Sally Klewin – Head of Coaching FLUK

Our Approach

We believe that:

  • because the coaching is tailored to the individual and carried out in total confidence, he/she can freely express their personal development needs in a way that is rarely possible in a training or ‘classroom’ context. This means that the coaching partnership can focus on developing the person and customise an approach to meet individual needs

  • most executives currently carry out a high percentage of their work remotely, i.e. by phone, Skype, video conferencing or via various secure meetings apps/processes.  This saves them and their organisations a great deal of money and time and makes the process of decision-making, information sharing and regular communications happen swiftly and effectively.

  • the 1:1 coaching process can easily follow the same process, using the same selection of communication vehicles, whether audio or video, and can be slotted into a busy executive’s work/life without the need for travel or absence from the workplace. Remote or ‘virtual’ coaching is just as personalised, confidential and immediate as face-to-face, and is proven to have the same benefits.



Which executives can benefit from coaching?

  • Those new to a leadership role

  • Those facing any kind of change or transition in the role, function or personal life (for example a geographical move)

  • Those who need to respond to organisational change in culture and structure - for example hybrid working post lockdown



Senior Manager, UK Government

The happy conclusion of our coaching sessions is that I am now 'mentoring' the person I couldn't work with 2 years ago. This mentoring is going really well - thanks for all your help

Head of Coaching and Development, UK Business School

Sally strikes just the right balance between support and challenge, she is very skilled in assisting managers to 'take stock' of who they are, clarify what they want,  and identify the motivation and means to meaningful progress.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Sally was very helpful in terms of providing space for personal reflection, in a warm but very professional manner. I found her style conducive to self-exploration and I would recommend her as a coach without reservation

What does the 1:1 coaching process entail?

  • Once a need for coaching has been established a coach is assigned to an individual executive. There is an initial conversation to establish whether there is a “fit” of coach to client and to clarify what expectations the client has of the coaching process.

  • Providing the conversation goes well, the coach then contracts with the individual to work with them 1:1 over an agreed period of time to achieve certain objectives, to be carried out at specified intervals within that time period.


If you would like a discussion on how remote Executive Coaching would work for your organisation please contact us and we will set up a 1:1 conversation with our head of section.

Contact us to discuss Executive Coaching


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